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Atlantic Robotic Spray Arm RSA 500 is the ideal shotcreting system for large and medium tunnels, mines, caverns and high slopes. It offers the flexibility of spraying pre-mixed wet shotcrete and dry gunite, with steel fibre concrete and polypropylene fibre concrete.

With sophisticated engineering, the equipment has a compact design, small turning radius, rigid chassis, heavy duty off-highway axles, four wheel drive and four wheel steering, thus making it flexible to work in narrow tunnels and meet the toughest conditions on any jobsite.

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    RSA 500 Robotic Spray Arm - Key Features:

    Suitable for working in tunnels and open slopes with a vertical spraying reach of 17 m.

    Rigid chassis with heavy duty off-road axles.

    Diesel engine for transport mode and electric motor for pumping and spraying.

    Power cable drum with 60 m long cable (100 m Optional).

    4-wheel drive and 4-wheel power steering with crab mode for easy maneuverability.

    Bi-directional travel with 180° swivel for the driver’s seat and steering wheel to face either direction of travel.

    Onboard Air Compressor for fully automated spraying operation.

    Built-in Dosing System, suitable for all liquid additives with automatic synchronization between the concrete pump and chemical dosing unit.

    Built-in High Pressure Water Pump and Water Tank for easy cleaning of the equipment.

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